Ribbit Capital

Introducing Ribbit. Because the World Needs More Financial Innovation. And Less Financial Engineering.

Technology has reached in, grabbed, and made the world we once knew totally unrecognizable. Yet the world of finance is, sadly, totally recognizable. The way we save, borrow, lend, manage our money and transact has barely moved forward.

The same holds for millions of businesses that don’t show up on the Fortune list. We’re all stuck in a finance warp. And banks won’t lead us out of it; they’ve proven themselves poorly equipped to create internal environments where innovation can flourish.

Ribbit Capital is a new venture capital organization with one single, relentless mission: to change the world of finance.

We have raised a bunch of money to invest in entrepreneurs who see finance with the same hungry eye for change with which others have looked at commerce, networking and gaming.

Our goal isn’t just to write checks. It’s to deposit and grow ideas. We are deeply knowledgeable about the complexities of building financial businesses, and will share our experience with ambitious entrepreneurs. When they succeed, they will create the next JP Morgans, Citis and eTrades —tomorrow’s enduring brands.

“Our goal isn’t just to write checks. It’s to deposit ideas.”

Our founder, Meyer Malka, has lived through hyperinflation in two countries, started innovative financial services businesses on three continents, and been regulated by seven governments. He has seen the way liquidity, consolidation, and regulation come and go through business cycles, without fundamental innovation in service or delivery for consumers and businesses.  His experience motivates our mission.

Our ambition is broad. We will be focusing exclusively on financial services, in 10 countries. This gives us category and global insight that traditional VC firms, who are broad-gauge and intellectually diverse, simply don’t have.

We are supporting innovative new ways of lending to consumers and businesses.  We want to help create a thriving, bustling new world of payments, insurance, personal financial management, and accounting and tax preparation for businesses.

The technology is here —the Internet, high-speed networks, smart phones, existing payment systems, and massive processing power in the cloud.

The ideas are here as well. What’s missing is the investment will to accelerate their success. It takes money to change money.